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POSTED:    09-01-2023

CLOSES:    08-30-2024



EXTENDED TITLE:    Inmate Transportation  

SALARY: GR. A13 - ($3722.82 / Monthly)


UNIT/DEPT:    Southwest Region - Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division

PAYROLL JOB#:    000000

*Hazardous Duty Pay
*Law Enforcement & Custodial Officers System (LECOS) Retirement
*TDCJ Training Academy Required
*Telephonic Interviews Will Not Be Accepted
*Work Site Visits Will Not Be Conducted
*No Study Material
*Moderate Overnight Travel


1. Graduation from an accredited senior high school or equivalent or

2. Successful completion of an accredited TDCJ approve college
Correctional Officer Training program or TDCJ Correctional Officer
Pre-service Training Academy.

*Continued employment is contingent upon passing exams and skills tests.

3. Nine months full-time, wage-earning correctional officer, jailer,
or law enforcement experience.

* Must have or be able to obtain a valid Class B Commercial Driver License
(CDL) with Passenger (P) endorsement within 120 days of employment date
or, if applicable, graduation of PSTA.

Must have or be able to obtain a valid CDL Medical Examiner's
Certificate within 120 days of employment date or, if applicable,
completion of PSTA.

Must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
prior to employment and/or prior to operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Must maintain valid license and certificate for continued employment in

Selected applicants without required license(s) must sign a
Credential Contingency Agreement that will remain in effect only
until the initially established expiration date. Failure to
comply with this contingency statement will result in separation
from employment. Credential Contingency Agreements will not be
extended or renewed as a result of an employee's separation from
employment or acceptance of another position.

*You must be a citizen of the U.S., or an alien authorized to work
in the U.S.or Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol
*Salary rates may differ for return-to-work retirees who are not
*You must be at least 18 years old.
*You must possess a High School Diploma from an accredited senior
high school or equivalent, or a state or military-issued General
Education Development (GED) certificate.
*You must not be on active duty in the military, unless on terminal
leave. (Applicants may apply if they are within 6 months of eligibility.)
*You must not have been discharged from the Armed Forces under
dishonorable conditions.
*You must never have been convicted of a felony.
*You must never have been convicted of an offense involving domestic
*You cannot have had a Class B misdemeanor conviction within the past
3 years.
*You cannot have had a Class A misdemeanor conviction within the past
10 years.
*You cannot be on probation for any criminal offense.
*You cannot have any criminal charges pending or have an outstanding
*You cannot have any criminal charges pending or have an outstanding

A veteran who has completed at least two years active military service
and been discharged under honorable conditions, or an applicant who has
earned an associate's degree or bachelor's degree from an accredited
college will start as a Correctional Officer IV, pay level 4 $4,026.91
per month. Regular promotions within the career path continue,
progressive to $4,139.90 at 61 months TDCJ service.

A CO applicant with prior government correctional custody or law
enforcement experience within the 36-month period preceding date of hire
shall be hired at a pay level corresponding with the months of service
if dates of employment are verified by former employer and the applicant
left employer in good standing.

Title Monthly Salary Maximum Security Salary Months of Service
CO II $3,722.82 $3,827.01 0 to 2
CO II $3,824.18 $3,931.40 3 to 6
CO III $3,920.64 $4,030.76 7 to 12
CO IV $4,026.91 $4,140.22 13 to 24
CO IV $4,139.90 $4,256.60 25 to 36
CO IV $4,252.89 $4,372.97 37 to 72
CO V $4,528.20 $4,656.55 73+
*Salary rates may differ for return-to-work retirees who are not
ERS contributors.

The following Military Occupational Specialty codes are generally
applicable to this position. Applicants must fully complete the
summary of experience to determine if minimum qualifications are met.
31, 19, 18, 11, 31C, 31E, 31B, 19K, 19D, 18B, 11B, 749X, 649X, MA,
5811, 5831, 5832, 5804, 58, 3P

*Outside applicants will be required to submit to pre-employment drug testing as a condition of employment.*

Applicants must submit the State of Texas Application For Employment and the applicable supplement for outside applicants (PERS 282) or current TDCJ employees (PERS 598) to the contact person listed on the job posting. Applications can be submitted through the TDCJ website, the Work In Texas website, fax, mail, email, or hand delivered. If submitted through Work in Texas, the supplement must also be submitted to the contact person. Faxed applications must be complete and legible in order to be considered and must not have been sent from a fax machine located at a TDCJ unit or department. Questions regarding the position or application process can be directed to the contact person's email address.

Amy Bullard
Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics
861C IH 45 N, Rm 112
Huntsville, TX   77320
PH (936-437-6531)

FAX (936-437-8621)

Applications must be received by the contact person by 5:00PM on 08-30-2024. A complete job description and all application forms may be obtained at the above address or by viewing the Job Description. Job Descriptions are available in PDF format which maybe read with the free Adobe Reader.

*Equal Opportunity Employer*

*Authority is granted on or after: 01-01-0001*

JD: 05-18-2022

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